The Ultimate Gift: A motor vehicle Stereo

car audio system

The Ultimate Gift: A motor vehicle Stereo

My husband is absolutely hard to buy gifts for. Even when he tells me exactly what he wants, he’ll often change his mind once he opens the package. That means it is difficult for me, because I want to be as generous and creative as he is in this department. I often fail miserably, however.

In 2010, I had a great idea for his birthday. We purchased a new car and that he decided to keep his old junk vehicle to work on and fix in his spare time. Something that my husband enjoys probably the most is music. He especially likes cruising in a car, with the windows down, paying attention to his favorite artists.

I grabbed a new car stereo for him. The main one in the old car was actually insufficient for his needs. I was thinking that the gift is needed him enjoy the old car much more, but I didn’t wait high hopes he would like it. To my surprise, he LOVED the present! He said it was a good thing I had ever gotten him. I’m so glad that no less than this one time, I used to be able to surprise him.

Austin Sunshades


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